Confinement (Danzón)

01/05/2020; by Óscar Palacios Bustamante; version espagnol aqui; For Philipp Nolz I have been asked what I think of all this. The difficulty lies in standing on the between. In looking at oneself from the inside out and from the outside inwithout losing the sense of the limit.In turning the world into a tightropeand ifLire la suite « Confinement (Danzón) »

Confinamiento (Danzón)

01/05/2020; de Óscar Palacios Bustamante; english version here; Para Philipp Nolz Me preguntan qué pienso yo de todo esto. Lo difícil reside en sostenerse en el entre. En mirarse a sí de adentro hacia afuera y de afuera hacia adentro,sin perder el sentido del límite.En convertir al mundo en una cuerda flojay si se resbala,queLire la suite « Confinamiento (Danzón) »

Coronavirus and self-organization

01/04/2020; Giorgi Kobakhidze; Until a situation is created which makes all turning back impossible, and the conditions themselves call out: Hic Rhodus, hic salta!Karl Marx, 1852 In Georgia, political life is taking unexpected turns. The mayor of Tbilisi, who has insisted in the past on having “no information about the existence of homeless people” inLire la suite « Coronavirus and self-organization »

Capitalist Humanity as the Virus: Optimistic Thoughts in Pessimistic Times

Eliran Bar-El, 22/03/2020; By unpacking the origins, reactions, paradoxes and effects of the Covid19 (Corona) outbreak, we get a much uglier picture than a biological threat; namely, the disintegration of the world as we knew it, and it’s not necessarily bad. It must be said: from nature‘s own perspective, we humans are the true virus.Lire la suite « Capitalist Humanity as the Virus: Optimistic Thoughts in Pessimistic Times »

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